What is outbreak? OutbreakTV is an entertainment platform designed with you in mind!!!

Our service is second to none in terms of speed, reliabilty, stability, and versatility!

When you have OutbreakTV, you will enjoy all of your entertainment needs right at your finger tips!

We offer Adult, and Non-Adult Packages!

1 Month - 8 (12 for STB Mag)
3 Month - 20 (30 for STB)
6 Month - 40 (50 for STB)

Outbreak will work on Kodi, Perfect Player via M3u link, STB devices via a mag line, I-devices via GSE, and supported Smart TVs. Outbreak will run on virtually anything, and the best part is, setup is quick! Once your account has been purchased, an admin will quickly get with you to help you setup on your respective platform!

Trials are available on weekdays only (Monday - Friday)

Payments recieved by us via paypal are secure. You will not be auto-charged when your sub expires, you will need to resend your payments. Invoices are available to our customers, should you want them.

In addition, due to the volume of people we provide this amazing service to, we ask both existing and new customers to write their username in the notes, and how much they are paying for, to allow us to serve you better! Thank you!!!!!!!! Also, please send all payments as friends and family!